Thursday, 27 May 2010

Photo Stories - The Lights Fly By

This photo was taken in 2007 on a cold but clear night in June when my other half was away for the weekend, and had left me with clear instructions to 'do something creative'.

I had never shot anything like this before but decided that I was up for the challenge, and set about the preparation. I bungied my tripod in the passenger seat then meticulously cleaned the car windscreen, all the time praying for dry weather!

Thankfully the weather held out for the evening and I set off driving around Manchester, remote shutter trigger in one hand and steering wheel in the other. I drove through Rusholme with its brightly coloured shops and restaurants, through the airport approach, and even did some pirrouettes in the ASDA carpark to see what looked good!

Lots of experimentation later, I returned home to see the results (the screen was pushed back against the passenger seat so I was shooting 'blind' the entire time).

Images were shot on Aperture Priority at f11, which gave exposures of 10-30 seconds. The camera was prefocussed before I set off, and the wide aperture helped ensure the entire scene was rendered in focus.

The dashboard was left in the above shots deliberately to provide some context and scale to the scene, but the camera slipped at one point to provide some interesting shots that are evn more abstract than the rest!