Thursday, 3 June 2010

Playing with Headshots

Sometimes as a photographer the only person that is around is yourself.

That's not an excuse to put the camera down and switch on Springwatch instead...

This self portrait was a bit of an experiment for me as I look to build a catalogue of set shots for headshot customers - something that people can browse through and say "I'd like one like that". The plan is to try and take the guesswork out a) for me, as I will have notes on the set up, and b) for the client, as they will be able to get what they want.

I don't normally use actions to give such a strong effect to an image, but in this case it seemed like it brough something new and - dare I say it - a bit edgy to the picture, which suited the base image.

I'll leave it to you to judge whether you think it succeeds or not - write a comment if you feel compelled to lavish praise, or dump criticism, either is of course valid!