Thursday, 8 July 2010

Something Different - Manchester in Monochrome

Back in January I had a free Saturday on a beautiful sunny (if rather cold!) day, so I decided to grab the camera and participate in what Zack Arias would call a GOYA photo session. For those not familiar with Zack's blog (you should definitely check it out), GOYA stands for Get. Off. Your. Ass. So I headed into Manchester with the simple aim of just seeing what I saw, and raising the camera to my eye if I saw anything.

Turns out I saw A LOT.

Now I should start by saying architectural photography is by no means my specialty. Normally, social photography is my thing

Started off around Castlefield for no other reason than I got off the train at Deansgate.

Next I climbed an weathered set of steel steps (that I had no idea was there) up towards the GMEX tram stop, with spectacular views of Deansgate

Next up a walk down to the GMEX and up towards Albert Square

And finally up to the Northern Quarter before heading back down to Oxford Road to get the train back home. A very circuitous route no doubt, I really was just wandering wherever I felt like it...

Fingers truly frozen, got on the train home!

Would love to hear what you think of these images - please leave a comment - thanks!