Thursday, 12 September 2013

Five Tips for A Better Bump Photography Session

Baby Grow Photography in Urmston, Manchester is committed to ensuring you have the very best experience from your bump photography session. I know the whole thing can be daunting, but follow these tips and you'll go a long way towards having a successful, pain-free and enjoyable shoot. And who knows, you might even like the pictures too!

Bump Photography Tip 1 

Think about what parts of your body you're happy to show. Bump under clothing? Exposed bump? Full or partial artistic nude? It's entirely up to you, and you can get great photos no matter what you're comfortable with, so don't worry whatever you decide. The key is to ensure that you and your photographer are on the same wavelength, so that there are no awkward moments during the shoot itself where you are asked to do something you're not 100% happy with. 

Bump Photography Tip 2 

Chose an outfit that you'll feel comfortable in, that will enable you to show off your bump however you choose to. A simple black vest top can be a great starting point as it can be rolled up, but a white maternity shirt can also be effective, as can light floaty dresses. Whilst maternity jeans may be the best thing for day-to-day wear, the thick black elasticated band at the top is not very photogenic, and it is much more attractive to try and get into a pair of non-maternity jeans (even if they can't be done all the way up!).

Bump Photography Tip 3

Go for simple hair, make-up and jewellery. Subtle styling is definitely the order of the day - anything too fussy and it can just take attention away from the real subject - the bump! Wearing little or no jewellery helps keep the bump images uncluttered, and be sure to take any bracelets off in advance so they don't leave marks - these can take a long time to remove in Photoshop!

Bump Photography Tip 4

Get your partner involved. Having a baby is a team sport, so it's natural to bring your partner in for some of the pictures. Dads-to-be don't always start off as the most willing participants, but they love the pictures when they see them...

Bump Photography Tip 5

RELAX. Remember your photographer is there to make you look GOOD. If you have chosen an experienced and professional photographer, they will know how to pose you, and light you, to bring out the very best from your pregnant body.

At Baby Grow Photography we take all of these tips into consideration for each and every baby bump session we shoot, to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable and memorable experience, with photos that will blow you away. Bump shoots normally take place at around 32 weeks, so get your session booked in plenty of time.

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