Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Wedding Ring Race...

Before Karen and Danny's wedding got into full flow, I visited the groom during his preparations to shoot a few 'getting ready' pictures of him and the boys. Part of this visit was to shoot the rings, as this was my only chance - I had been told "once they're on, they're not coming off!"

I shot the following four wedding ring pictures in the space of about one and a half minutes, within a very small space in the living room and front garden, surrounded by the organised chaos of groomsmen putting on cravats and buttonholes...

You can shoot striking, clean images almost anywhere with a little bit of creativity and imagination...

Shot outside with the best man holding the rings in his hand over a patch of grass.

Shot on the windowsill, into the light.

Shot on the arm of an armchair. 

Shot on a greetings card on the mantlepiece. 


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