Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wedding Photography Key Moments - Getting Ready

Getting ready on the morning of your wedding day can be one of the most stressful, exciting, exhillirating and terrifying times of your life - so many emotions are flooding through you - will the limo manage to find the house? Did I forget to put Aunt Jane on the table plan? What if it rains???

The last thing you need is extra stress, which is why photography during this time should be very unobtrusive. The intention at this point is to document the getting ready process as a bystander, rather than getting involved with "look over here and smile please" every five minutes.
The 'getting ready' photography is a good time to get used to having your picture taken - you'll probably never be more photographed in a single day! - and to help you relax and just forget about photography altogether.

I will tend to arrive around one-and-a-half to two hours before the ceremony, and start off with a few 'scene setting' shots of the location where the bride is getting ready. Depending on what stage the bride is at, hair/makeup shots may well be be done at this point. These are taken as the morning unfolds, showing the gradual transformation from everyday girl to wedding day bride!

Some brides say they're not keen on having their picture taken before they're absolutely ready - "I don't want people to see the 'before' shot, they should only see the 'after' shot" - but these pictures tell an important part of the story of the day, and brides tend to love them when they're finished.

When there is a quiet time in the getting ready, the details shots - dress, shoes, jewellery, flowers etc - will all be taken. It is best to have all of these things out and ready so they can be shot one after another without me having to keep asking for each item - again it comes down to having as little hassle for you as possible.
Putting on the dress is obviously a key moment in the preparations, and can tend to go one of two ways - either the bride is OK with being photographed during this time, or I will quietly step out of the room and leave her to get on with it with her attendants. Neither approach is right or wrong, it's just down to what the bride is comfortable with.

Once the bride is dressed, there may be a few bits of finishing off - fresh application of lippy, spritz of perfume and the fixing of the veil, then we're ready for a few family formals with the parents and/or bridesmaids if these shots are required.

Throughout the morning I will be keeping an eye on my watch to make sure everyone knows how we're dong for time, and things will be adjusted accordingly if time becomes an issue - those family formals can be put back until after the ceremony, for instance.

I will aim to leave at about half an hour before the bride does, to head straight for the ceremony venue, and meet up with the groom and the rest of the wedding party for ceremony preparation.

The next time I see the bride she will be stepping out of the car, ready to walk in and wow the guests!

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